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Impromptu Entertaining

Impromptu EntertainingSometimes you find yourself having people over and no time to go to the store!  The important thing to remember when you’re caught in an “Impromptu Entertaining” situation is to assess your pantry and get creative!  Look at what flavors could work well together and what ingredient you have on hand that could make the dish shine.

Click on the images below to be taken to recipes for Impromptu Entertaining:

Baked Potato Wedges

Broccoli Cheese Soup 2.0

Caramelized Carrots

Chicken  with Hot Lemon Butter Sauce

Chocolate Brownies

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Herb and Garlic Potato Wedges with Aneheim Peppers

Homemade Pizza

Meyer Lemon Bars

Pan Fried Tilapia with Honey Orange Sauce

Parmesan Sweet Potato Wedges

Sausage Linguini with Garlic Red Pepper

Sauteed Chicken with Sage Browned Butter

Savory Mashed Potato Bake

Truffle Baked Penne Alfredo

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