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Ingredient Spotlight: Asparagus


Asparagus to me is the surest sign of spring!  Those lovely little green tips poking out of the ground mean winter is over just as much as the daffodil or the lily.  And it makes sense to think of asparagus in that way since they are in fact part of the lily family.  The season of this delicious vegetable lasts for about six weeks.  If they were to be left alone and not harvested, the asparagus tips would actually sprout into featherly, dill-like fronds.  The word asparagus evolved from the old English, “Sparrowgrass”.  Depending on the part of the world and the growing techniques, asparagus can be green, white, or purple.

Far Side -- Failed Marketing Campaigns

Far Side — Failed Marketing Campaigns

When buying asparagus, make sure they are firm, the stalks straight, and the tips tightly furled.  If the tips are wet or slimy, do not buy it.  The size of the spears is really about preference.  Some prefer thin, some prefer thicker.  Be careful of asparagus that is too thick though, they could end up having a “woody” flavor.  Speaking of a “woody” flavor, always trim the tough ends right before cooking.

Below are some great dishes from Green Door Hospitality that include Asparagus.  Simply click on the image to be taken to recipe!

Hollandaise Asparagus Tart

Creamy Lemon Asparagus Soup

Roasted Asparagus with Goat Cheese Bacon Sauce

Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Butter

Roasted Asparagus

10 comments on “Ingredient Spotlight: Asparagus

  1. apuginthekitchen
    March 6, 2014

    LOVE asparagus, roasted with sea salt is my favorite. All the recipes sound delicious. I am going to try that balsamic brown butter sauce.

  2. Penny L Howe
    March 6, 2014

    Thank you! I love asparagus! Each recipe looks delicious too! I’ll try them each, Jessica! 🙂

  3. love asparagus .. tasty even slightly blanched. : )

  4. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    March 6, 2014

    My favorite vegetable. Each of your recipes are worth a try, but I love the soup and will try that first.

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  6. Christine
    March 7, 2014

    Man, I would LOVE to try the asaparagus-lemon soup. What a combo!

  7. Asparagus is one of my favorites… I love all these delicious ideas!

  8. Cloches & Lavender
    March 7, 2014

    Love asparagus and I PINNED a couple. Thanks Jessica.


  9. love in the kitchen
    March 7, 2014

    So glad it is spring somewhere. We still have two feet of snow on the ground BUT the air definitely had a tang of spring in it today! Hurray.

  10. Valentina
    March 11, 2014

    A very versatile vegetables good for so many dishes.

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