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Homemade Staples: Hash Browns from Scratch

Homemade Hashbrowns

Hash Browns are one of my favorite breakfast sides.  They also can be a great as a dinner side as well!  And fresh hash browns from scratch are not only extremely tasty, but simple to make.  The recipe below are for basic hash browns but feel free to add onions, peppers, or cheese to your dish to mix things up a bit.  If adding onions or peppers, combine them with the shredded potatoes before frying.  If adding cheese, sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the potatoes after they have been flipped in the pan so not to burn the cheese.

I have not listed quantities below because it all depends on how many people you are serving.  When in doubt, think one medium size potato per person.

Homemade Hash Browns

  • Russet Potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper

Peel potatoes.

Using the largest grater portion of a cheese grater, grate each potato until they all shredded into a bowl.

Heat a large fry pan to medium heat.  Add just enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan.

Once oil is heated, add shredded potatoes to pan.  Create an even layer of potatoes to cover the pan.

Sprinkle with kosher salt and cracked black pepper to taste.

Don’t touch or fidget with the potatoes!  This is very important.  Let them cook without any handling for 10 minutes or until golden brown on the bottom.

Flip the hash browns over and sprinkle with more cracked black pepper.

Let cook for another 7 to 10 minutes, or until the other side is golden.


29 comments on “Homemade Staples: Hash Browns from Scratch

  1. Pride in Photos Photography
    February 18, 2013

    I forgot to add…that I LOVE that you add cracked pepper to this recipe..yummo.

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 18, 2013

      🙂 Thanks!! They just wouldn’t be the same without some good cracked pepper to add some zip!

  2. runesandrhinestones
    February 18, 2013

    Sounds delicious and surprisingly easy! I’d have expected it to involve things to bind it together, but I may just have to have this for dinner. Potatoes, salt and pepper is always a winner in my books.

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 18, 2013

      Yeah, they were a lot simpler than I thought they would be. And you’re right — can never go wrong with potatoes, salt and pepper!

  3. Humble Foodie
    February 18, 2013

    Hash browns are so simple and yet I’ve never made them from scratch! I have made sweet potato hash browns, which I would highly recommend, but I want to try out this recipe for my next brunch.

  4. moderndayruth
    February 18, 2013

    Unbelievable, Kenley, last couple of days i’ve been thinking to myself: hmm, must google these hash brownies that everyone is talking about (i never knew what was it!!!) I must try your recipe, but for now it seems something like potato kugel it must be delicious! You rock, Kenley! xxxx

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 19, 2013

      Thanks! So glad that this helps!! (And yes, hash browns are definitely similar to potato kugel!)

  5. Time With Thea
    February 18, 2013

    Yay! This is so much healthier than the store bought frozen version. Thank you! Pinned it!

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 19, 2013

      You are so right Thea! None of those added preservatives! Thanks for pinning it! 🙂

  6. lulu
    February 18, 2013

    I love hash browns, but for whatever reason mine don’t ever turn out great. I’ll try your way and see what happens.

  7. petit4chocolatier
    February 18, 2013

    Kenley, I needed this recipe! Thank you! I have potatoes that need to be cooked and I was just saying that I want to make hash browns from them. Love the cracked pepper and olive oil combination! Bookmarked 🙂

    You are incredible!!

  8. Christine
    February 19, 2013

    Hash browns are one of my absolute favorite things to eat. These look amazing.

  9. Cloches & Lavender
    February 19, 2013

    Thanks for this, my husband will love these.

  10. gotasté
    February 21, 2013

    This looks really good. It’s been a while since I cook russets. You are tempting me Kenley. 🙂

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 21, 2013

      Glad you like it Danny…think it’s time for you grab some russets again! 🙂

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  12. Penny L Howe
    July 25, 2013

    Thanks Kenley, potatoes one of my favorite food groups (lol) hey I was born in Idaho, the potato state. And breakfast is the best meal of the day imo, Your directions are simple and excellent, also a great photograph, yummy! 🙂

  13. Rachel
    August 2, 2013

    Oh my! Never mind it is 103 outside – this sounds great (and easy!!). Mmmmmm – hungry!

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  15. cristinasandru
    October 21, 2013

    That’s tasty! 🙂

  16. Marisa
    February 7, 2014

    Hi Jessica–These look yummy! Do you have to blot off excess liquid from the grated potatoes before adding them to the pan? (And welcome aboard eve’s apple :))

    • Green Door Hospitality
      February 8, 2014

      Thanks! Actually you don’t have to blot off the excess liquid. However, doing so will make them just a little crisper. So really it depends on how you like your hash browns. 🙂

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