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T-Shirt Quilt Project — Let the Inspiration In Challenge Week 3 1/2

Ok.  So, I’m technically not supposed to do my next post for the Let the Inspiration In Challenge until this next Monday.  However, I really wanted the contents of this post to kick off all the blog entries surrounding our latest vacation.  So… I’m doing it now!  Pretty sure the sky won’t fall and everything will be fine — but if I’m wrong, well then, take cover!  🙂

A little over a month ago, PILLOWS A-LA-MODE did a blog post about T-Shirt Quilts.  I had heard of the concept before, usually surrounding the collection of old shirts pertaining to athletics, camp, drama, band, etc. and creating a quilt as a memento for a child going off to college.

Photo Courtesy of PILLOWS-A-LA-MODE

When I read her post, inspiration came pouring down.  “L” and I love adventures, we love to travel –regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Wouldn’t it be great to do a T-Shirt Quilt mapping out our travels.  Take advantage of that souvenir t-shirt that gets purchased, worn once or twice, and then thrown in the bottom of a drawer.  Well, we just got back from a wonderful two week vacation to Wisconsin.  My family lives up there (and I’m originally from there), so we packed up the car and drove to the Dairyland.  The time was well spent as we visited family (including a wonderful wedding reception thrown by folks) and camped, gallery hopped, ate, drank, toured, etc.  We got our first t-shirt for our travel quilt up on Washington Island before heading over to camp at Rock Island (both are on the northern most tip of Door County, Wisconsin).

Then, while in Madison, we were inspired again!  We went on a tour of Capital Brewery (more on that later).  This is the third brewery tour that we’ve been on in the last five months.  And I thought, wouldn’t it be great to do an additional quilt with t-shirts from all the breweries we tour!  And then, wouldn’t it be awesome to hang that quilt on the wall of our game room, which will be the future home of our beer kegerator full of our own home brew!  So, we picked up a shirt.

We now need to do a bit of backtracking and pick up a shirt at each of the two other breweries that we have toured (Real Ale Brewery and Thirsty Planet Brewery) but both are local so it won’t be too difficult.

The T-Shirt Quilt projects are very exciting and we can’t wait to collect these memories to be able to have for years and years to come.  Thanks again to PILLOW A-LA-MODE for the inspiration!!

For more information about the origins of the “Let the Inspiration In Challenge”, visit A Taste of Morning!

21 comments on “T-Shirt Quilt Project — Let the Inspiration In Challenge Week 3 1/2

  1. Annie
    July 11, 2012

    I have a whole bag filled with cut outs from t-shirts from high school and college. This is a good reminder that I should get working on that. I probably have enough right now to make an entire quilt. And I love your ideas for one for your travels and brewery adventures!

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 11, 2012

      Thanks Annie!! We are really excited about it! Depending on how many you have, I think a theatre focused one would be a really cool one for you to do — all the productions you were involved in!!!

  2. pillowsalamode
    July 11, 2012

    What a wonderful idea!!! And thanks for the shout out! Now I want to make another one! 🙂

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 11, 2012

      I think now the idea is in my head, it’ll be hard to limit it to just travel and breweries!

  3. thingsmybellylikes
    July 11, 2012

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. Such a creative way to preserve the holiday memories. Also completely jealous that you went to the dairy state. I’d have eaten nothing but cheese for two whole weeks and come home with belly ache 🙂

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 11, 2012

      Yeah, we ate quite a bit of cheese up there — and brought quite a bit back! It was so hard not to spend our entire vacation budget on cheese!! 🙂

  4. Renata
    July 11, 2012

    Hey – the next time you are that far north let us know! We’re only a few hours from Door County 🙂

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 11, 2012

      We will!! The whole time was spent with my folks and having Lance meet and get to know my nieces. The next time we are up in WI, we’re going to do a full trip into the UP for camping and a Sommerville visit! 🙂

      • Renata
        July 11, 2012

        Awesome! It’s so beautiful up here!

      • Beyond The Green Door
        July 11, 2012

        It certainly is!!

  5. Cloches & Lavender
    July 12, 2012

    Very cute idea and project.


  6. Laurie
    July 12, 2012

    Great idea! Have fun!

  7. Dogs, Dishes, and Decor
    July 12, 2012

    It sounds like you had a fun trip. I LOVE Madison! I visited often when I was in college. I’m terrified of my T-shirt quilt project and have been putting it off for months. I really think I ought to start it soon. I have a stack of shirts taking up valuable real estate in my closet.

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 12, 2012

      We did have a fun trip! (As all the upcoming blog posts will show…) I love Madison too! Lived there for 4 years when I was in my late 20s.

      In reality, I’m a bit terrified of the quilt project as well–mainly because I’m a horrible seamstress. 🙂 But, I think it will be worth it! I saw your Pintrest board with the quilt designs. Might have to repin one or two of those as I get closer…

      • Dogs, Dishes, and Decor
        July 12, 2012

        We need to encourage each other to tackle this task! The last time I sewed anything, I think it loosely resembled a panda. I also think I was about nine at the time. I attempted to lay out a rough design of the quilt on my floor, but I was hindered by the dogs’ attempt to sleep on the rough draft. Pillows-ala-mode suggested laying out the design on the bed next time instead.

      • Beyond The Green Door
        July 12, 2012

        Ah, but wouldn’t the dogs ALSO want to lay on the rough draft if it is on a bed?? 😉

        I agree — let’s keep each other to task! My sewing skills include a pillow when I was about 11 that was really, really ugly and very misshaped.

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