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Pinned and Forgotten — Let the Inspiration In Challenge Week 3

Like many, many others, I have a Pintrest account.  I pin and repin, filling my boards (currently 15) with things that I like, things that I want to do, things that inspire.  Ah, inspire.  It is week three of the ‘Let the Inspiration In Challenge’ that I am participating in.  I turn to my Pintrest boards.  They are full of items that I have pinned and then completely forgotten about.  There have been a few very significant things that have happened because of something that I pinned.  Our wedding rings were found through a pin that I saw for them posted by the creator, Monkeys Always Look

Photo Courtesy of Hilderbrand/Harrison Photography

We also planned our honeymoon to include a scenic route through the Texas Hill Country because of a pin that I had seen, directing you to this article by Southern Living.

And we’ve done a recipe here and there.  But considering that at the time I write this blog, I have 597 pins plus 123 likes — that is a really small percentage of acting on all of these items that seem to “inspire” me.

So, in the spirit of the challenge, here are 5 pins that I will be acting on in the next two weeks.  Alas, the pins for the brand new kitchen design and the trips to Portugal will have to wait a bit longer to be fulfilled.  But it is a start.  If you utilize Pintrest, what are some pins that you should be acting on?  How do you like to use Pintrest?

1.  Keep Berries Fresher Longer LINK

2.  Easy DIY hand painted linen kitchen towels LINK

3.  Crispy Parmesan Asparagus Sticks LINK

4.  Strawberry Peach Vodka Popsicles LINK

5.  Deer Creek Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park LINK

For more information on the origins of the Let the Inspiration In Challenge, visit A Taste of Morning.

6 comments on “Pinned and Forgotten — Let the Inspiration In Challenge Week 3

  1. Cloches & Lavender
    July 9, 2012

    Some great stuff I love the dish at the beginning and asparagus recipe.


  2. Laurie
    July 9, 2012

    This sounds great – especially the trip to the Grand Canyon!!!

  3. Great idea for a post! I need to put myself on notice to complete some Pinterest tasks. I want to make those strawberry peach vodka popsicles soon.

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 11, 2012

      Thanks! I think with all the heat that we’ve been having, the popsicles will be mandatory!!

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