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Being Prepared: Don’t Leave Home Without It

After our last camping trip, which we went to the Blanco Lavender Festival, “L” and I decided that it was necessary to create some sort of permanent list to prepare for future camping adventures.  We forgot SEVERAL things and the trip became a comical experience of:

“Honey, can  you grab such and such of the car?”

“Where did you put it?”

“It should be in the blue box.”

“Are you sure you put it in the blue box?”

“Yes, of course I’m sure!  You’re not looking hard enough.”

“I’m looking hard enough.”

“Fine, I’ll look.”

“Um, guess we forgot it.”

(This exchange has been cleaned up quite a bit for the sake of the blog).

So, we took the pen and paper that we DID remember to bring, and started making a list — starting with the items that we forgot that trip.  I have now put them into a spreadsheet so we can print one off each time we on a trip.  I arranged items by thinking in terms of rooms of a house.  What will we need to sleep?  What about the “kitchen”?  Several items then have sub-items.  For instance the tent.  Not only do we need to make sure we have the tent, but we need to make sure there is the tarp, hammer, poles, and stakes (you would think the poles and stakes shouldn’t be a problem.  Alas, we have in fact forgotten those once — long story).

We took the following categories and then broke them down into our own personal needs and expanded as needed.  The current “long trip” list has over 200 specific items on it.  (No wonder we kept forgetting things!!)

  • Dining: table cloth, napkins, plates, cups, silverware, bowls, candles, dishwashing materials, etc.
  • Kitchen: coolers, camp stove, coffee pot, cookware, knives, cutting boards, kitchen gadgets, etc.
  • Bedroom/Sleeping: sleeping bags, pillows, floor pads, blankets, etc.
  • Living Room/Campsite: tent, fire materials, screen tent, camp chairs, hammock, lanterns, etc.
  • Bath: towels, toiletries, toilet paper, etc.
  • Laundry: clothes line & pins, detergent, laundry bag, etc.
  • Fun: playing cards, frisbee, bird book, binoculars, beach towels, music, etc.
  • Clothing: socks, undergarments, pants, shorts, shirts, swimsuits, etc.   — always check what the weather will be like!!
  • Food: coffee, olive oil, kosher salt, cracked pepper, seasonings, onions, potatoes, dry goods, etc.
  • Misc: compass, flashlight, rope, tarp, bug spray, first aid kit, matches, etc.

4 comments on “Being Prepared: Don’t Leave Home Without It

  1. Cloches & Lavender
    July 5, 2012

    Great tips!


  2. wifemeetslife
    July 5, 2012

    But that would be too easy! TRM always forgets ONE thing when we go camping. Never two, or none; always one thing. It was his pillow once, then his toothbrush, and once his sleeping bag. Fortunately he hasn’t forgotten me yet!

    • Beyond The Green Door
      July 6, 2012

      Hope he doesn’t! 🙂 I actually have found the spreadsheet to work pretty well. But we’ll see!

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