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Putt-Putting Our Way Through Art

Art is something that touches us, provokes us, and entertains us.  And sometimes that entertainment is in the form of miniature golf!

The Austin Museum of Art and Arthouse at the Jones Center (which just as of late merged and is now a combined entity) recently had an art installation that was a working 9 hole miniature golf course set up on their Laguna Gloria grounds, with a tenth “bonus” hole at the Arthouse downtown.  Each of the ten holes was designed by a different artist, architect, or landscape architect– all local to the Austin area.

It was a wonderful exhibit and a really fun way to spend an afternoon!  Below are photos that we took of each of the nine holes (we didn’t make it to the bonus tenth hole).  They were extremely creative and interesting as each artist or architect took a different take on the idea of mini golf.  I always love when people are able to interact with art!

“Polygolf” by Thoughtbarn

“Mobile, Reconfigurable Mini-Golf Hole with Environment” by Joseph Philips

“Loop” by Legge Lewis Legge

“Chicken Ranch” by Bob Wade

“School Night” by Okay Mountain

“The Golf Channel” by D-CRAIN Landscape Design and Construction

“Nutrippossumus” by Boozefox

“The Five Wonders of Land Art” by Go Sculpture Go

“PARmageddon” by Ink Tank

Another shot of “PARmageddon” by Ink Tank

Another shot of “PARmageddon” by Ink Tank


2 comments on “Putt-Putting Our Way Through Art

  1. Cloches & Lavender
    June 28, 2012

    Very cool. I like this.


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