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The Perfect Mixology of Beer and the Arts

We are big fans of the microbrew.  The imagination, the flavors, the locality of it all — we are big fans.  It’s so enjoyable to explore beers of different areas, to go to tastings, and and to watch for seasonal releases.  There is a wonderful science to how the right mix of barley and hops can concoct a perfect brew of deliciousness to be paired with food or drank on its own.

We are also big fans of the arts.  I spent many years as an arts administrator and have a deep love of all genres and disciplines of art.  Music, theatre, visual, dance, literary…they all have a special place in my heart.  One of the things I used to do while running an arts organization in Madison, WI years ago was to pair different disciplines (mainly music and visual art) whenever possible to create events that cross-pollinated enthusiasts and offered a chance for some really amazing collaborations.

While working in the Wisconsin arts industry, I had the pleasure of befriending Mike Brenner, a fellow arts administrator.  He has now created something incredible.  The fusion of music, visual art AND beer.  And no, I don’t mean just having beer at an art opening or concert.  The music and visual art are an intricate part of the microbrewery he is starting, Brenner Brewery, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As you can see from this sample bottle image, each brew will feature a different local artist’s work.  There is also a QR code that links to that particular beer’s soundtrack which features local musicians and bands.

The concept surrounding Brenner’s approach to microbrew is fantastic.  He’s a diplomaed Master Brewer and working right now on gaining the capital needed to open up a physical locality.  I look forward to seeing his mixology of beer and the arts grow and be taken to new heights!

For more information about the Brenner Brewing Company, click HERE


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