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It’s Official

It is official!  We now have a green door!  As you’ll see from the pictures posted, the house came with a blue door.  The paint was chipping off and so a new coat was definitely in order.  However, did we really want to paint it blue again?  No.  The brick of the house has tints of blues and grays so we can see why the previous owners choose the color to match the brick.  (And we know it was the previous owners and not the contractors that painted it since there are blue paint stains all over the bricks below the door).  The blue had to go.

Green.  It’s “L”‘s favorite color.  And it would offer a nice contrast to the bricks.  It was then that we decided it would also be the perfect name for our blog.  It was originally thought that the door painting would be our first blog and kick things off.  However due to weather, time, and funding — the door had to wait until now.

After pouring through different shades, we decided on Behr Paint’s Mountain Trail S-H-750.  We also decided that if we were getting a new color, we should get a new door knob and door mat to match.  All items were found at our beloved Home Depot.

First step was removing the door and getting the old blue paint sanded down to remove any paint chipping, bumps, etc.


Then came the painting.  “L” did two coats on each side.  Letting them dry several hours before flipping.


Meanwhile, Kenley painted the trim around the door and the entryway ceiling (Behr Basketry UL140-9 and Behr Toffee Bar UL140-21).


Finally, we put on the new door knob and laid out the new door mat.  We couldn’t be happier with the color and the way it has changed our entry way.






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